Monday 10 December 2007


I have relocated to Sydney for the summer to attend an internship at everyones favorite dot com company, Google. I have taken some pictures of where I am staying.



  1. How do you manage to fit on that bed?

  2. The bed photo looks like the 'protective isolation room' in a psych unit! The other photos with the couch and desk and book case soften it up a bit so it looks less like this. The blue walls are in a soothing colour. Knowing the age of the building it was interesting to note the thickness of the walls.

    We could put the words "Imagine Education Australia" in here and then see what happens when people do a search... They could then go to the mystery link at !!

    Susie Girl

  3. is that a light sticking out of the wall, above the bed? HAHA. that's so weird.

  4. That is a light sticking out of the wall. I assume it is designed for a desk to exist below it.

  5. Tim,

    The bed is not as small as it looks in the photo. I fit on it just fine. I hope to get some pictures of the outside of the building on the weekend. This building was built in 1853.