Monday 8 October 2007

Best word toy... ever!

I stumbled across this awesome toy. Type anything in and it gives you different words made up of the characters, i.e. anagrams. Click on the link below to enjoy the random word fun.

Wednesday 3 October 2007

E6600 overclocking with Tuniq Tower 120

Here are some pictures of a recent hardware addition to my PC. It is a massive heat pipe based Tuniq Tower 120 with a 12 cm fan hiding inside the heatsink. Due to a combination of its size and the mounting bracket the install was not the easiest I have ever done. It was well worth the minor hassle.

The Intel E6600 sitting below the behemoth has a default clock of 2.4 GHz. It now reaches 3.5 GHz. If I have some time to kill I will try and tweak it some more to get some extra Hz. For everyday usage it runs at 3 GHz with all my fans set to the slowest possible fan setting. This keeps my office from sounding like a wind tunnel.

Spunky the dish dog

My dog spunky loves to chase anything to do with light. His water dish reflects light well. Click on the photo above to watch the video. :)

Tuesday 2 October 2007

Australian International Airshow 2007

I have uploaded photos from my trip to the Australian International Airshow 2007 in Melbourne. There was definitely plenty of cool tech and drooling aviation enthusiasts at this event.

Monday 1 October 2007

Why do microwaves have so many features?

I was using the microwave today and I looked at all the buttons I do not use. There were plenty. It seems like such a waste. I only need a power setting (high medium low), time setting and maybe a defrost mode. I suspect that other people barely use all the features of their microwaves. There is always the chance that everyone uses a different 5% of the features. Either way I'd like to see more products with less feature bloat. I am fed up of superfluous features for the sake of "value adding" or making it more "marketable".

So I have decided to start blogging

I have been putting off creating a web site for myself for some time. I want blog functionality, so I started with wordpress.